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Our experienced commercial collection staff and efficient system enable us to handle volume while maximizing return. We are extremely aggressive in our recovery efforts while maintaining the utmost professionalism to ensure that you have the final choice of severing or maintaining credit relationships. Our primary services include:

   Domestic commercial collections.
 International commercial collections.
 Legal forwarding.
 Uniform Commercial Code filing assistance.
 Pre-collection outsourcing.
 Outsource certain Accounts Receivable Functions to Corevision Strategies LLC


Software and hardware cannot replace the personal interaction required in our industry. However, an agency's collection and customer service abilities can be dramatically improved with the right technology. Client data security is top-notch both internally and externally. Instantaneous retrieval of any stored information, regardless of age, is one of our primary features. Our software is one language, all inclusive, and completely supported by a full-time in-house IS department. Any required changes or requests are accomplished as needed on-site without the necessity or delay of off-site programming where custom changes may or may not be possible. We believe these abilities together with our talented and capable staff make us the right fit at the right time.

Our technology is called ESP for the obvious reason:we think it’s the next best thing to reading your mind.Until technology finds a way to literally do that, our program is designed to anticipate your needs so that when they arise, they are met with lightning speed and state-of-the-art efficiency. The following scenario illustrates a benefit of ESP from a collections standpoint.Let’s say Williams, Babbit & Weisman contacts a debtorwho owes you money and the debtor requests documents pertinent to the resolution of the account. Williams, Babbit & Weisman activates ESP's “simultaneous fax transmission” capability to access the documents which are always desktop available and faxes them to the debtor before they even know the documents are on the move. Without a break in the conversation, the debtor is informed that the required documentsare now at their office. Thanks to this immediate delivery, their real concerns, if any, can be discussed on the spot and the account is well down the road toward being resolved. ESP also uses features such as our “interactive web” to create the kind of efficiency that sets Williams, Babbit & Weisman apart from the crowd.